Counterfeit Goods: Notable case

R v K (2012)

Selva Ramasamy is successful in securing the acquittal of a sub-postmaster accused of stamp fraud when a bride-to-be realised that her wedding stationery had not reached intended recipients.  Imitation stamps had been purchased from the post office.

Notable cases:

R v K (2012)
Selva Ramasamy secures acquittal of sub-postmaster accused of committing stamp fraud 
Selva Ramasamy

Virgin Media v Faulkner and others (2010)
Multi-defendant cable television fraud
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

R v Davies
Counterfeiting and confiscation
David Groome

R v Purseglove
The 'world's biggest bootlegger'
David Groome

R v Wendy Fairs Markets Ltd
Test case prosecution of market fair organiser
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

R v Mitchell
Multi-handed counterfeiting case
David Groome | Ari Alibhai


Prosecuting offences involving counterfeit goods
Incorporating trademark offences, the Trademarks Act 1994, classification of trademarks, prosecuting copyright offences, the 13.3.2009
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