Counterfeit Goods: Notable case

R v Wendy Fairs Markets Ltd

David Groome and Ari Alibhai prosecuted in this test case prosecution of a market operator for money laundering, based on the rent they received from boot-fair stalls being the proceeds of crime (the fraudulent sale of counterfeit goods and breach of copyright by traders on the market).

The two defendants (directors of Wendy Fairs Markets Ltd) were cleared on appeal.

Notable cases:

R v K (2012)
Selva Ramasamy secures acquittal of sub-postmaster accused of committing stamp fraud 
Selva Ramasamy

Virgin Media v Faulkner and others (2010)
Multi-defendant cable television fraud
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

R v Davies
Counterfeiting and confiscation
David Groome

R v Purseglove
The 'world's biggest bootlegger'
David Groome

R v Wendy Fairs Markets Ltd
Test case prosecution of market fair organiser
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

R v Mitchell
Multi-handed counterfeiting case
David Groome | Ari Alibhai


Prosecuting offences involving counterfeit goods
Incorporating trademark offences, the Trademarks Act 1994, classification of trademarks, prosecuting copyright offences, the 13.3.2009
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