Intellectual Property: Notable case

BPI v Access All Areas Productions

David Groome & Ari Alibhai instructed by the British Phonographic Industry to prosecute the company and its directors for supplying unlicensed karaoke systems to pubs and clubs.

Notable cases:

Dancing Jesus (aka: Kane Robinson -&- Richard Graham) (2014)
Private Prosecution success against Dancing Jesus website
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

R v Reid and Lewis [] 2012-2013 (2014)
David Groome and Ari Alibhai were called to the Northern Irish Bar by special dispensation of the Director of Public Prosecut

R v Anton Vickerman [] 2009-2014 (2014)
Prosecution brought on behalf of the Federation Against Copyright Theft against the operator of one of the world’s most

R v Vuciterni [] 2010-2014 (2014)
Prosecution on behalf of Football Association Premier League against the operator of a highly organised pan-european card sha

R v Rayyonics Ltd (2012)
Illicit set-top box supplier
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

R v Farhat Nissa and others
Multimillion pound conspiracy to defraud the music industry
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

BPI v Access All Areas Productions
Unlicensed karaoke systems
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

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