Police Discipline: Notable case

Appeal of DS Jan Beasant (2012)

Mark Aldred represented a murder squad detective forced to resign over alleged misconduct in the Charlene Downes investigation; she was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Former Det Sgt Janet Beasant was told she had to resign following a disciplinary hearing which deemed her conduct “fell below” the standard expected during the probe into the Blackpool schoolgirl’s disappearance but at an appeal tribunal her name was cleared.

Mark Aldred of Counsel represented her throughout.

Details about the investigation and the unfair treatment of DS Beasant featured in a recent Panorama episode: The Girl Who Vanished -

Notable cases:

Appeal Re: DCI S (2015)
Alex Felix represents DCI in Police Appeal Tribunal
Alexandra Felix

Mark Aldred represented undercover police officer charged with misconduct in public office after becoming addicted to heroin (2014)

Mark Aldred

Appeal of DS Jan Beasant (2012)
DS Jan Beasant exonerated: Successful on appeal
Mark Aldred

PC Holden & Houghton (2012)
Important case for the future of pursuits
Mark Aldred

Re: B (2011)
Successful appeal on sanction to the PAT and Judicial Review
Alexandra Felix

Re: Moat (2011)
Advising police officers in relation to the death of Raoul Moat
Sean Larkin QC | Mark Aldred

RE - PC H (2010)
Abuse of process application granted
Susannah Stevens

Raoul Moat – Northumbria IPCC investigation (2010)
High profile police manhunt

Inquest (2010)
Acting for police officers
Mark Aldred

Re - X (2009)
Police Discipline
Alexandra Felix


What is the law regarding the granting of a Firearm - Paul Rooney
What is the law regarding the granting of a Firearm Licence and can you appeal should your application be refused ? Followi 13.8.2010
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