Sanctions: Notable case

Mabey & Johnson Ltd (2011)

First successful prosecution by the SFO of a company (M&J Ltd) involved in overseas corruption and breaches of sanctions relating to the Iraq ‘Oil for Food ‘ programme. This was one of the first cases  of its type in which the parties formulated a plea agreement involving suggested levels of fine and reparation and in which the company agreed to monitoring requirements.'s-iraq-to-gain-contract.aspx

Notable cases:

R v Pouladian (2012)
Sanctions busting
John Hilton QC

R v Semsarilar (2012)
Successful defence of client charged with 'Sanctions Busting'
Tom Kark QC | Rachna Gokani

R v PD & EB (2012)
Major sanctions busting case collapses
William Boyce QC | Adrian Darbishire QC | Rachna Gokani

Mabey & Johnson Ltd (2011)
Corporate sanctions busting
Peter Finnigan QC

Iraqi Sanction-Busting Offence Invalid (2011)
Offence invalid
Adrian Darbishire QC | Rachna Gokani

Elmaghraby and El Gazaerly v Council (2011)
Former Egyptian minister and his wife take the EU Council to court over asset freeze.

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