General Crime: Notable case

Pakistan Cricketers match fixing allegations (2011)

Philip Evans defends Pakistani cricketer Mohammed Asif at Southwark Crown court. Mr Asif along with Salaman Butt are standing trial with regards to allegations of 'spot fixing' following an undercover investigation by the News of the World. The matters alleged took place during the test match, against England at Lords in August 2010.


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Notable cases:

R -v- A (2014)
Linda Strudwick defended a 50 year old man of good character who was accused of multiple anal and vaginal rape.
Linda Strudwick

R -v- Williamson (Trai) (2014)
Successful defence of murder allegation
Tom Baker

R -v- Head (2014)
Successful prosecution of a man charged with murder
Peter Kyte QC

Pimlico Murder Trial (2014)
Successful acquittal of man charged with perverting the course of justice.
John Hilton QC | Caoimhe Daly

R -v- ZH and Others (2014)
Counsel for the first defendant in a drugs conspiracy concerning the importation and wholesale supply of £50 million of
Nicholas Corsellis

R -v- Jeffs (2013)
Edward Brown QC successfully prosecuted David Jeffs who was charged with murdering Roberto Troyan.    
Edward Brown QC

R -v- Green (2013)
Succesful prosecution of a 16 year old charged with murdering another teenager on a crowded London bus. 
Tom Kark QC

R v Evans - Zoe Johnson acts in 'mercy killing' case (2013)
R v Evans [2013] - Zoe Johnson acts in 'mercy killing' case
Zoe Johnson QC

R v Motin (2013)
Successful Prosecution of an acid attack
Roger Smart | John Lynch | Fallon Alexis

R v Brown (2013)
110kg cocaine import
Fraser Coxhill


The Bribery Act 2010 - A Short Guide
Sean Larkin QC provides a new short guide to the Bribery Act 2010 8.11.2011
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Global Reference Guide: Fraud & White Collar Crime 2011
Financier Worldwide has released an e-book. Mark Ellison QC comments on the enhanced risk of those involved in running compa 18.5.2011
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What is the law regarding the granting of a Firearm - Paul Rooney
What is the law regarding the granting of a Firearm Licence and can you appeal should your application be refused ? Followi 13.8.2010
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