Business Crime: Financial Services

QEB Hollis Whiteman is at the forefront of both financial litigation and financial regulation.

Members of Chambers regularly prosecute for the FCA and the SFO. Current cases include Operation Tabernula, the FCA’s most complex insider dealing investigation, Operation Cotton, the FCA’s first prosecution of a land banking fraud, and Operation Sabin, a very substantial international bribery investigation by the SFO.   Members of Chambers have considerable experience of offences under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, the Bribery Act 2010, the disclosure regime and the law relating to legal professional privilege, and the gamut of legislation and regulation relating to financial litigation. Junior members are often instructed to lead disclosure teams and conduct LPP reviews as independent counsel.

Members of Chambers not only have a wealth of experience prosecuting, but have also defended such cases in both the criminal and civil courts, and the appellate courts. Advice is frequently sought on large-scale criminal and disciplinary investigations, including matters with an international dimension (most recently, for example, senior executives at Barclays Bank in relation to the Libor Inquiry). Chambers has the expertise to provide advice on all aspects of a case, from restraint to confiscation. Members are also able to advise clients on regulatory matters: the close links between Chambers and the financial regulator assist in ensuring that members of Chambers are aware of all the latest regulatory developments.

Members of Chambers have expertise and knowledge in financial and corporate crime, international investigations and asset seizure, as well as in professional disciplinary proceedings. This ensures that any advice on the conduct of litigation will take into account the potential interplay between regulatory and domestic, and/or international, criminal proceedings.

Notable cases:

Operation Tabernula (2015)
The most complex insider dealing investigation undertaken so far by the Financial Services Authority
Mark Ellison QC | Tom Broomfield

R v Hexley and Cooper (2014)
FCA prosecution of financial advisers for offences contrary to section 397 FSMA 2000
Tom Baker

Operation Tabernula (Ongoing) (2013)
FCA's largest insider dealings case
Sean Larkin QC

SFO v Pearson (2011)
Largest market fraud so far on the Alternative Investment Market
Mark Ellison QC | Selva Ramasamy

R v Mason (2011)
Leading Counsel, FSA's (as it then was) first criminal conviction for boiler room fraud.
Paul Raudnitz

R v McFall & Others (2010)
First successful defence of an individual charged by the FSA for insider dealing.


Fighting Bribery; New UK Legislation Explained - Sean Larkin QC
Fighting Bribery; New UK Legislation Explained - Sean Larkin QC in conjunction with Commercial Crime International. 1.4.2010
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