Business Crime: Intellectual Property

Barristers in this set are regarded as leading experts in the field of intellectual property crime. They are instructed in the majority of leading criminal trademark and copyright cases.

These barristers regularly undertake private prosecutions on behalf of rights’ holders, broadcasters and major media organisations to combat piracy and protect IP rights. They have an unrivalled experience in the bringing of private prosecutions, with members of the “Private Prosecution Practice Group”, Chaired by David Groome and Ari Alibhai, having successfully conducted over 300 such cases.

Our clients include:

•    The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT)
•    The British Phonographic Industry
•    Virgin Media Limited
•    BskyB
•    The Football Association Premier League

Members of Chambers also have extensive experience in defending allegations of serious fraud and copyright infringement, including in private prosecutions.

Members of the Private Prosecution Practice Group regularly provide training in intellectual property and trading standards law and practice.

Notable cases:

Dancing Jesus (aka: Kane Robinson -&- Richard Graham) (2014)
Private Prosecution success against Dancing Jesus website
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

R v Reid and Lewis [] 2012-2013 (2014)
David Groome and Ari Alibhai were called to the Northern Irish Bar by special dispensation of the Director of Public Prosecut

R v Anton Vickerman [] 2009-2014 (2014)
Prosecution brought on behalf of the Federation Against Copyright Theft against the operator of one of the world’s most

R v Vuciterni [] 2010-2014 (2014)
Prosecution on behalf of Football Association Premier League against the operator of a highly organised pan-european card sha

R v Rayyonics Ltd (2012)
Illicit set-top box supplier
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

R v Farhat Nissa and others
Multimillion pound conspiracy to defraud the music industry
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

BPI v Access All Areas Productions
Unlicensed karaoke systems
David Groome | Ari Alibhai

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