Crime: Terrorism

We have a particularly high level of expertise and experience in prosecuting and defending terrorism trials, at all stages of the proceedings and at all levels.

This area of practice is particularly sensitive and complex and we are proud of our reputation for excellence in terrorism-related matters.

Our barristers have been involved in some of the most significant terrorism trials of recent times, including:

  • R v Ibrahim, the Bristol Bomber trial, which ended in July 2009;
  • The 'Dirty Bomb' trial, of the highest-ranking Al Quaeda operative to be prosecuted in the UK;
  • The first prosecution for inciting terrorist murder over the internet;
  • The trials for the Israeli Embassy bombing and the Brighton and Bognor bombings.
We are regularly asked to give terrorism-related advice and have been involved in several government inquiries involving terrorism.

Notable cases:

R v Gul (appellant) (2013)
Supreme Court
Sean Larkin QC

R v Madden (2013)
Allegation of £2.8m film tax credit fraud
Selva Ramasamy

R v Oumerzouk (2010)
Fund raising in the UK for terrorist purposes in another jurisdiction
Zoe Johnson QC

R v Ibrahim (2009)
The Bristol Bomber
Mark Ellison QC | Zoe Johnson QC

R v Tsouli & others
Inciting terrorist murder
Mark Ellison QC | Joanna Warwick

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