Crispin Aylett QC


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Crispin Aylett QC

Call 1985
Silk 2008
BA (Hons) 
Diploma in Law

Practice: Fraud and Crime

Recommended as a Star Individual in Crime by Chambers UK Bar Guide

'"Excellent lawyer and a fine advocate" who is "devastatingly effective." "He's a brilliant, gifted advocate" and "an especially penetrating cross-examiner."' Chambers UK - Crime (2017)

'Extremely talented criminal barrister who handles a range of heavyweight matters. "He is an outstanding advocate who is exceptionally talented and very clever."' Chambers UK - Crime (2016)

"Highly sought after to prosecute and defend criminal cases attracting considerable media attention. He has recently been instructed in a number of significant murder and sexual offences" and "He is a real class act" Chambers UK 2015

"An advocate's advocate." Legal 500 (2015)

"One of the best prosecuting silks at the bar." Legal 500 (2013) Crime

"He is very experienced, and speaks a language juries understand. He is a clever and very efficient lawyer" Chambers UK (2014) Crime

"Crispin Aylett QC joined the set from Three Raymond Buildings midway through 2012.  He has been 'hugely impressive' over the past twelve months and 'is regularly instructed in some of the more difficult cases.'  Chambers UK (2013) Crime

"Sources reserve special mention for him as "a hugely effective advocate, who gets difficult evidence before the jury in an easily understood format".
Chambers UK 2012


Crispin Aylett is a practitioner with a wealth of experience in all areas of criminal law, including fraud. He was Senior Treasury Counsel at the Old Bailey for seven years, following five years as Junior Treasury Counsel. Since joining QEB Hollis Whiteman from 3, Raymond Buildings in 2012 and leaving Treasury Counsel’s Room at the end of 2013, he has been instructed equally for both the prosecution and the defence. Recent defence briefs include representing Stuart Hall (and securing his acquittal on 15 counts of rape), the acquittal of a man charged with two murders and he is currently instructed in cases of terrorism and murder.

Over the years he has been instructed on some of the most grave and high profile murder cases of the day, some of which include:

The murder of Sarah Payne; the so-called “Camden Ripper”; R v Ali Dizaei; the murder of the Chohan family; R v Barrett (the fatal stabbing of a cyclist in Richmond Park by a schizophrenic who had discharged himself from a psychiatric hospital); the re-trials of Sion Jenkins; R v Morgan & Vincent (prosecution for murder of members of the So-Solid Crew); R v Pickford & Walker (the kicking to death of a gay man on Clapham Common); R v Mir & others (the murder of two brothers in Tooting); the murder of Jimmy Mizen; R v Sonnex & Farmer (the murders of the two French students); the so-called “Bride in the Burkha”; R v Dighton (killing of a headmaster and his wife by their son); R v Ross & St. Aubin (murder outside Wandsworth prison by public schoolboy gangster); R v Jeffrey and others (execution of nightclub doorman).


‘Crispin Aylett brings "thoughtfulness to every case". He often appears in high-profile cases, and was recently involved in R v Sonnex and Farmer; the case of the two murdered French students'.  Chambers UK 2011

Advisory work:

The re-investigation into the murder of Suzy Lamplugh.

The investigation into the alleged rape at the Grosvenor House Hotel involving Premiership footballers.


2006 Senior Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court
2001 Junior Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court

Additional Information

Defence Work:

Representing the Director of Safety at Railtrack in the prosecution arising out of the Hatfield train crash.

R v Gluzek and others: one of a number of defendants accused of murdering another man in a fight at a squat in Waterloo.

Reported Cases:

R v Smith & Mercieca (House of Lords)

Notable cases:

R v Foster (2018)
prosecution of a 24 year old man after young girl's body found was in a wardrobe.

R v Warnock (2016)
alleged murder of a 17-year old schoolgirl in 1982.

R v Carroll (2016)
murder of man wrongly thought to have been a paedophile.

R v Nibbs (2016)
who murdered his wife and tried to dispose of her body in the lavatory.

R v Duffy and others (2015)
successful prosecution of police officers for misconduct arising out of the death of Bijan Ebrahimi.

R v McSweeny (2015)
murder by a retired fireman of his adopted son in a dispute over custody of his grandchild.

Serious Fraud Office and Standard Bank PLC (2015)
Crispin Aylett QC of QEB Hollis Whiteman acted for the Serious Fraud Office today, 30 November, at the Royal Courts of Justi

R v. Bagnall and others (2015)
Led by Crispin Aylett in the prosecution of Michael Bagnall and Andrew Bayne for the murder of Ben Purdy.  The defendant

R v Hall (Stuart) (2014)
Representing former broadcaster Stuart Hall who was acquitted of 15 counts of historic rape.

R v Quashie and others (2014)
Successful prosecution of a gang-related murder in South London.

R v McCluskie (2013)
Successful prosecution of a man who had murdered his sister, the former Eastenders actress Gemma McCluskie.

R v Lartey and others (2012)
Lartey and two others convicted of murder of 16-year-old in East London gang attack