Edward Brown QC


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QEB News: Edward Brown QC and Fraser Coxhill act for Core Participants in Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse
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QEB News: SFO charges Barclays Bank and four executives with fraud
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QEB News: Edward Brown QC and Ben Fitzgerald represent prosecution in Ben Butler murder trial
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Edward Brown QC

Call 1983
Senior Treasury Counsel 2007-2014
Silk 2008

Practice: Crime, Business Crime

Recommended as a Tier 1 Leading Silk in Crime

"Gloriously understated, he's a very, very effective advocate who gets great results." "A lovely advocate" Chambers UK (2017) Crime

"Charming, thorough and highly effective. " Legal 500 (2017) Crime

"His sense of fairness and commitment to justice are unparalleled; he is a fair prosecutor. His gentleness makes him devastatingly effective. Juries love him." Chambers UK (2014) Crime

"A brilliant cross-examiner" Legal 500 (2014) Crime


Edward Brown QC has an outstanding practice in general and corporate crime, and since completing his appointment as Senior Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court he has increasingly been instructed in major business crime investigations for both the defence and for the prosecution. This is whilst continuing to represent the prosecution and defence in cases of very serious crime, most often murder and corruption. This is both on a private and public basis.

He has been appointed as leading Counsel to represent the CPS at the IICSA (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, formerly the “Goddard Inquiry”) and is the lead criminal counsel in the SFO investigation into Barclays Bank and its senior executives arising out of the Barclays capital raising in 2008. He recently prosecuted Ben Butler for the murder of his young daughter.

Business Crime and Health and Safety investigations

Following his Senior Treasury Counsel appointment Edward Brown now represents the prosecution, corporate entities and individuals in allegations of corporate crime, corruption, corporate manslaughter and health and safety investigations. He has direct experience of Deferred Prosecution Agreement negotiations involving major international corporates and advised the then Solicitor General on the introduction into legislation of the DPA statutory regime.

He is presently acting for the SFO in a significant ongoing corporate investigation (Barclays Bank) and has acted for a major corporate under SFO investigation.  Other clients include JCB, the acting Attorney General of the Isle of Man, the Isle of Man Cabinet Office. He has been appointed as leading Counsel to represent the CPS at the IICSA (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, formerly the “Goddard Inquiry”). He acted for a political party in the “Cash for Peerages” and MPs and other political figures in the expenses investigation.

He has been appointed as leading Counsel to represent the CPS at the IICSA (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, formerly the “Goddard Inquiry”).


Edward has been instructed (for the prosecution and defence) in many of the highest profile criminal cases including the Mark Duggan shooting (the criminal trial and inquest),David Jeffs, the financial advisor who killed his socialite client, MPs’ expenses (advising a suspect – no charges), the ‘cash for peerages’ police investigation (advising the Parliamentary Party – no charges brought), nuclear proliferation.

His recent notable and reported murder cases include the revenge gang killing of Zac Olumegbon (R v Kinghorn and others), the gang killing of Nick Pearton (R v Grant and ten others), the gang shooting of five-year-old Thusha Kamaleswaran (R v McCalla and Kolawole), the murder of socialite Robert Troyan (R v Jeffs), double child killings, shaking baby cases, aconite poisoning. He was also lead counsel the leading case on anonymity in the Court of Appeal (R v Mayers). He has been instructed in the series of north London Turkish gang feud murder trials.

His terrorism cases include R v Barot and others, the successful prosecution of the highest ranking Al Qaeda operative to be convicted in the UK (the “dirty bomb” AQ terrorist) and the recent Libyan terrorist supporter.

Edward has increasingly been instructed in corporate and individual gross negligence manslaughter cases such as carbon monoxide poisoning and construction fatalities.

Important cases in the past include Matrix Churchill, nuclear proliferation to Libya, the Dome robbery, Rigg Approach police corruption, Zeebrugge/Herald of Free Enterprise disaster corporate manslaughter, Birmingham Six police corruption and the Harrovian mortgage fraud.

As Treasury Counsel he was frequently asked to advise the Attorney General and Solicitor General.

Edward also gives lectures to young south London gang members on joint enterprise and on the dangers and consequences of gang violence, and is a Trustee of Growing Against Violence, a charity which seeks to educate young people and draw them away from violence. He has appeared in the BBC1 documentary on the topic. He has also published in The Times.

Edward is head of the QEB Hollis Whiteman Crime Group.


2016  Bencher, Gray’s Inn
2010   SFO Approved Counsel List
2008   Queen’s Counsel
2007-2014   Senior Treasury Counsel, Central Criminal Court
2001  Crown Court Recorder
2000   Junior Treasury Counsel, Central Criminal Court

Professional Memberships

Criminal Bar Association (including the steering party on involuntary manslaughter)
CPS Steering Committee reviewing disclosure (resulting in the CPS Disclosure Manual)
UN Detention Review Board, Kosovo.

Notable cases:

SFO – ongoing investigation into a major City corporate - lead criminal counsel.(2014- 2015)

R v Butler and Gray (ongoing) (2015)
The murder by Ben Butler of his 6 year old daughter child, together with cruelty and perverting the course of justice charges.

Harding (2015-2016)

Regulatory prosecution of the former Attorney General of the Isle of Man.

HSE v JCB (2015)
Severe injuries to employee on the production line.

Turkish gang feud murders (2013- (2015)
R v Murat, R v Sagir, Toprak, R v Gunduz, R v Karakas, R v Marsh-Smith and Zerei, R v Lunkulu and four others, R v Dwyer. Nor

R v McKoy (2014)
Edward Brown prosecutes double murderer Roland McKoy

R v Hutchinson-Foster (2013)
The gun-man who supplied the gun to Mark Duggan whose death then triggered the London Riots