Nicholas Griffin QC


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QEB News: Nicholas Griffin QC comments on Supreme court judgement on diplomatic immunity in trafficking case
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QEB News: Nicholas Griffin QC appointed to UK Anti-Doping Board
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Independent Jersey Care Inquiry reports - expert evidence of Nicholas Griffin QC
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QEB News: Nicholas Griffin QC interviewed on Today Programme.
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QEB News: Prime Minister approves the appointment of Nick Griffin QC to the Security Vetting Appeals Panel.
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QEB News: Nicholas Griffin QC speaks on Modern Slavery Act 2015 at Eversheds’ Seminar
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QEB News: Nicholas Griffin QC and Tom Orpin-Massey comment on key European privacy ruling
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QEB News: Nicholas Griffin QC has been interviewed by Legal Business as a prominent name in the field of public inquiries
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QEB News: Offshore Tax Evasion - civil and criminal sanctions
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QEB News: Nicholas Griffin QC speaks at the Covert Policing RIPA 2000 conference
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Data retention powers unlawful – New Law Journal 17 July 2015
Nicholas Griffin QC comments on the judicial review challenge of the data retention powers in s1 Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014
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Nicholas Griffin QC

Call 1992 (England and Wales)
Call 2011 (Northern Ireland)
Silk 2012



Nicholas Griffin QC provides expert advice and advocacy in respect of public inquiries of all types and in relation to other inquisitorial proceedings, including coroners' inquests. He is currently instructed in a major public inquiry and has recently acted as independent expert witness in relation to another. He has headed or acted as part of a panel in relation to inquiries into electoral matters when acting as Assistant Commissioner to the Boundary Commission of England and similar work in Northern Ireland.

Crime, business crime and internal investigations

He undertakes a broad spectrum of work in the field of general and corporate crime. He advises on specialist aspects of criminal cases such as matters arising from the operation of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. He conducts internal investigations for institutions concerned about irregular activity and advises in relation to bribery, corruption and compliance matters.


He appears in disciplinary and regulatory proceedings and parallel proceedings involving criminal prosecutions and inquests.

Legal directories

Recommended as a Leading Silk in relation to inquests and inquiries:

"Regularly involved in significant public inquiries ... He has also appeared as an expert witness in major public inquiries. His inquiries practice extends beyond England and includes significant instructions in Jersey and Northern Ireland". Strengths include that “he delivers and is pretty much unflappable" - Chambers UK Bar Guide (2018) Inquests & Public Inquiries

"Great intelligence, integrity and commitment. He brings an astute, tactical approach to problems as well as a determination to solve them." "A fantastic advocate. He is fluent, charming and persuasive." - Chambers UK Bar Guide (2017) Inquests & Public Inquiries

"He is the best leader of a large team, is an incredibly persuasive advocate and has a great breadth of range in his expertise." "He is very easy to deal with and an attractive advocate." - Chambers UK (2016), inquests and public inquiries

"A man for the detail" - Legal 500 (2015), crime

"He is a very good advocate, and is very fluent and persuasive." "He's making a really good reputation for himself" - Chambers UK (2015)

"incredibly hardworking, very personable and an excellent lawyer" - Legal 500 (2014)

"Offers representation in high-profile and politically sensitive public inquiries in which the actions of public authorities are alleged to have caused suffering or loss of life" - Chambers UK (2014)

"first rate...a man for the huge case involving vast amounts of material and multiple parties...known for his 'persuasive and effective advocacy' " - Chambers UK (2013)

"Always cool-headed" - Chambers UK (2011)

Representative cases

  • Undercover Policing Inquiry (2015-present) - instructed to represent the Home Office at inquiry investigating wrongdoing by undercover officers, such as conducting intimate relationships with members of the organisations they infiltrated.
  • The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry (2015-2016) - instructed as expert witness to draft report containing review of a series of decisions by the States of Jersey Police and Law Officers' Department not to prosecute cases of historic sexual and physical abuse of children in care. Gave oral evidence to the Inquiry in February 2016.
  • R v Brooks, Coulson & Others (2013-14), Central Criminal Court - the "Phone Hacking trial": successfully defended former News of the World managing editor in trial involving allegations of conspiracy to a) intercept voicemails of celebrities, members of the Royal Family and others and b) commit misconduct in public office.
  • Al Rawi & Others v Security Service, Secret Intelligence Service, Attorney General, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Home Office (2011), High Court - Guantanamo Bay litigation: representing defendants in linked cases concerning allegations of UK collusion in rendition and torture.
  • The Rosemary Nelson Inquiry (2011) - represented chief constable and large number of police officers involved in investigation of murder of Catholic solicitor in 1999 by loyalist terrorists. Inquiry was launched following allegations of state collusion in her death.
  • The Bloody Sunday Inquiry (1998-2010) - Represented a large number of soldiers of all ranks, including several who were alleged unlawfully to have killed demonstrators at a civil rights march in 1972. Instructed by Treasury Solicitor. The longest public inquiry in UK legal history.


Contributor to Fraud: Law, Practice and Procedure (LexisNexis/Butterworths).

Regular contributor of articles to legal publications and author of many reports for Bar Council and other organisations. Provides seminars and training.


Board Member, UK Anti-Doping, appointed 2017 by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Security Vetting Appeals Panel member (independent avenue of appeal for individuals in government departments, the Armed Forces and other organisations whose security clearance has been refused or withdrawn), appointment by Prime Minister.

Appointed QC in recognition of work in both criminal and civil fields. Prior to taking silk, was appointed to main government panels for junior barristers practising in both fields.

Admitted to the List of Counsel of the International Criminal Court Bar Council Law Reform Committee Chair, Bar Council Surveillance and Privacy Working Group (to 2015)

Trustee of Anti-Slavery International, the world's oldest international human rights organisation

Member of Modern Slavery Bill Evidence Review Legal Steering Committee. The review was commissioned by the Home Secretary to review the evidence base for a new Modern Slavery Bill (2013)

Assistant Commissioner to the Northern Ireland District Electoral Areas Commissioner, chairing public inquiry and making recommendations about the arrangement of wards within "district electoral areas" for the purposes of local elections (2013)

Assistant Commissioner, Boundary Commission for England, the independent statutory body which reviews parliamentary constituency boundaries (2011-12)

Professional Memberships

Constitutional and Administrative Law Bar Association

Criminal Bar Association

Notable cases:

R v Brooks, Coulson & Others, Central Criminal Court (2014)
The Phone Hacking trial

Al Rawi & Others v Security Service, Secret Intelligence Service, Attorney General, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Home Office, High Court (2011)
Guantánamo Bay litigation

The Rosemary Nelson Inquiry (2011)
Representing chief constable and large number of police officers involved in investigation of murder.

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry (1998- (2010)
Representing a large number of soldiers of all ranks, including several who were alleged unlawfully to have killed demonstra


No safe havens? Pt2. Corporate facilitation of tax evasion: the new frontier.
Part 2 of a special two part analysis published by the New Law Journal on 17.11.2017 (www.NewLawJournal)
Download (PDF) >

No safe havens? Pt1.Corporate facilitation of tax evasion: the new frontier.
Part 1 of a special two part analysis published by the New Law Journal on 10.11.2017 (www.NewLawJournal)
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Privacy v Security
Nicholas Griffin QC considers the CJEU Watson decision on UK surveillance law.
Reproduced with kind permission of the New Law Journal.
Nicholas Griffin QC | 16.02.2017
Download (PDF) >

Nicholas Griffin QC has been interviewed by Legal Business as a prominent name in the field of public inquiries.
Nicholas Griffin QC | 06.02.2017
View Article

DRIPA left out to dry
Nick Griffin QC comments on the implications that the CJEU decision in the case of MP Tom Watson has for UK surveillance law.
Nicholas Griffin QC | 18.01.2017
Download (PDF) >

Offshore Tax Evaders - criminal offences - Lexis Nexis Practice Notes
Nicholas Griffin QC | Tom Broomfield 23.11.2016
Download (PDF) >

Enablers of offshore tax evasion - civil sanctions- Lexis Nexis Practice Notes
Nicholas Griffin QC | Tom Broomfield 23.11.2016
Download (PDF) >

Public Inquiries: getting at the truth
Nicholas Griffin QC and Peter Watkin Jones assess the Inquiries Act 2005 ten years on in the Law Society Gazette.
Download (PDF) >

Abolitionists at the Inn
Nicholas Griffin QC and Celia Pilkington consider the history of the anti-slavery movement in the Inner Temple Yearbook 2015-2016 on the topic of slavery.
Download (PDF) >

Access all areas?
Nicholas Griffin QC, Robert O’Sullivan QC and Gordon Nardell QC consider legal professional privilege in the context of state surveillance - New Law Journal 27 February 2015
Download (PDF) >