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Sean Larkin QC - The Bribery Act - An Overview
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Sean Larkin QC

Silk 2010, Call 1987, BVC, LLB (Hons)

Nominated: Crime Silk of the Year [2017] - Legal 500

Nominated: Professional Discipline Silk of the Year [2017] - Chambers

Practice: Fraud, Regulatory and Crime

Recommended as a Leading Silk in Crime, Fraud and Professional Discipline - comments over the years include:

"Hugely impressive and hard-working. He quickly digests and turns around difficult legal submissions. He is also proactive and exceptionally thorough, caring and dedicated. A very skilful advocate."

"Handles the most complex and challenging cases with the utmost skill"

"Always provides high-quality advice with a clear strategy. He is an excellent advocate who impresses solicitors and clients alike."

"Very, very client-focused, extremely hot on the details and has a very disarming manner."

"Sympathetic manner with clients."

"Incredibly bright and industrious." "absolutely superb" "absolutely meticulous in all he does." "mastery of the minutiae. He is absolutely meticulous, very organised, methodical, and a real 24/7 man who constantly keeps in touch with you."


Sean Larkin provides specialist advice and advocacy at all stages of criminal, regulatory and confiscation proceedings, with particular emphasis on business crime, terrorism and regulatory breaches by individuals (particularly professionals) and companies.

He is often asked to advise, act and lecture on complicated areas of law and was The Times Lawyer of the Week. He has been involved in many cases where sensitive disclosure and cross-jurisdictional issues have arisen. He has written and lectured extensively on the effect of the Bribery Act 2010.

He has considerable expertise in matters of professional discipline and professionals before the criminal court has prosecuted and represented lawyers, doctors, dentists, nurses, accountants, police officers and members of the clergy for a variety of professional, clinical, sexual and dishonesty allegations.

He is able to master substantial amounts of material and has been involved in some of the largest cases before criminal courts [Operations Amazon, Vaulter, Cotton, Hatfield Rail crash, Versailles and Robinson's frauds], and is skilled at identifying the crucial issues and presents them in an attractive manner.


"Sean Larkin QC's 'unfussy presentation and effective strategising' make him a natural choice for complex criminal matters, and he recently prosecuted a terrorism case which could have long lasting implications on the definition of terrorism and the impact of public international law on domestic legislation."  Legal 500 2012 (Crime)

"Sean Larkin QC 'is a good hardworking barrister and team player.'"  Legal 500 2012 (Fraud)

"Sean Larkin QC is valued for his 'excellent analytical skills', for being 'very thorough' and for leaving 'no stone unturned.'" Chambers UK 2012

"Since obtaining the status of silk, Sean Larkin QC ‘has gone from strength to strength.’"  Legal 500 (2011)

Sean Larkin QC "recommended for his 'mastery of the minutiae. He is absolutely meticulous, very organised, methodical, and a real 24/7 man who constantly keeps in touch with you.'" Chambers UK (2011)

Sean Larkin QC "who is a meticulous case preparer."  Legal 500 (2010) Fraud

Recent Work

Financial Crime

In 2010 – 2017 his recent work included:

Euribor: defending a trader accused of manipulating Euribor rate.

Firm A: advising a major financial institution on steps to take following suspected bribery and money laundering offences following internal investigations over three jurisdictions.

Mr X: advising a board member of a multi-national company on duties to report and disclose potential failures in compliance with EU regulations in the manufacture of products sold internationally.

Abdel-Malek: advising and representing a senior UBS compliance officer accused of disclosing inside information to a trader who bought and sold information on that information.

Operation Cotton: prosecuting the FCA's largest investigation into collective investment schemes.

Operation Tabernula: advising the FCA on the money laundering/confiscation regime relating to the FCA’s largest insider-dealing case.

Barclays Qatar fraud/corruption case: advising an in-house Barclays lawyer. Not charged.

Mr Y: advising the CEO of a famous UK charity on issues of potential bribery to third party suppliers and potential fraud on the charity.

Firm B: advising a company and its directors who supplied services to the NHS suspected of a multi-million-pound fraud.

Operation Vaulter: advised and represented a director accused of money laundering £900m from a company based in the Middle East.

R v Morris: defended Tony Morris (founder of The Money Portal) accused of substantial pension fraud by causing pensions funds to be divested. Acquitted.

Sean has advised (pre-charge through to trial) a variety of professionals including lawyers, directors, IFAs, accountants, insolvency practitioners in a wide variety of fraud offences including breach of trust, conspiracy to defraud and fraudulent trading brought by the SFO, CPS, HMRC, London Stock Exchange and other prosecuting authorities.


Dr X: Defence of GP accused of sexually assaulting four patients over a period of 14 years. Acquitted.

R v X: Defence of man accused of tying up his wife, repeatedly raping her blackmailing her. Acquitted.

Operation Weedproof: alleged members of a group encouraging support for ISIS based on recordings by undercover officer over a period of 20 months.

R v Azadbakht: three-handed murder where deceased’s final words and actions of defendants recorded on telephone call to emergency services. Different defences advanced.

R v Ramoon: Defence of gangland murder in Cayman Islands. D1 shot V at point blank range. Background of gangs and bad character. Expert evidence from CCTV reconstruction expert flown in from America.

R v Shakil: Woman broadcast pro-ISIS material and took her toddler to Syria where she joined ISIS.

R v Heath: non-fatal baby-shaking case - number of experts in different fields relating to “baby-shaking”.

Over 30 years’ experience of prosecuting and defending serious and complicated crime including homicide (all defences), sexual assaults (historic and current), fatalities (road traffic and workplace), regulatory breaches, product liability, intellectual property offences, press reporting, bribery and corruption
including ancillary orders such as disclosure notices and production orders. Has advised individuals and corporates.


Dr X: Defence of a doctor accused of sexually assaulting a series of patients. Defence advanced was clinical justification in the main. Case required detailed analysis of the presenting complaints and the appropriate diagnosis.

Drs A + B: Advising the GMC on the issue of abortion based on gender selection, a highly controversial and topical subject. The CPS had decided not to criminally prosecute two doctors caught in a Daily Telegraph sting.

R v M: Defence of pharmacist accused of being a sex pest towards a fellow member of staff and customer. Matter being heard in criminal court and General Pharmaceutical Council.

Dr P: Presented case for GMC against GP accused of carrying out FGM in the course of a cliterectomy. This raised the many issues as to the application of the law of FGM.

Gambling Commission v Mann: Criminal prosecution of businessman for running various amusement arcades without appropriate licences.

Raoul Moat: Advising various officers involved in the murder/suicide by Raoul Moat.

Has advised presented and defended numerous cases at GMC, GDC, NMC, GSCC, SDT, FCA, accountancy tribunals has advised police officers. Has also acted for and against professionals at the criminal courts facing allegations ranging from dishonesty, sexual impropriety, causing death and serious injury, performance and health.

Career Details

Sean Larkin has also appeared in a range of other cases involving licensing, money laundering, health & safety offences, trading standards, dangerous products, Courts Martial, confiscation and restraint proceedings and local authority prosecutions.

He has advised clients on criminal aspects of substantial civil claims including sale of Wembley Arena and largest ever civil case involving a member of Kuwaiti royal family.

Additional Information

Registered with the Bar Council – Public Access Directory

Member of:


Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers

Health and Safety Lawyers Association

Financial Services Lawyers Association

Sean Larkin is a regular speaker at conferences.


Former contributor to 'Fraud: Law Practice and Procedure'.

Co-author of many reports for Criminal Bar Association and other organisations, including those relating to conspiracy and corporate criminality.

Notable cases:

DR B-G (2017)
Sean Larkin QC and Jocelyn Ledward successfully represented the former Chief Executive Officer of a company said to be at the heart of substantial tax cheat.

Operation Amazon (2017)
Sean Larkin QC and Jocelyn Ledward successfully represented the former Chief Executive Officer of a company said to be at the heart of substantial tax cheat.

Operation Cotton (2015)
Operation Cotton: Case Concludes - Sean Larkin QC, Paul Raudnitz and Polly Dyer act for Financial Conduct Authority

Operations Amazon (2015)
Acting for the CEO of a company accused of a direct tax fraud connected to the carbon credit industry described by HMRC as o

Inquest of Brian Dowling (2013)
Sean Larkin QC acted in the inquest of the cyclist who was killed on the Mayor of London's Cycle Super Highway.

Operation Vaulter (2013)
Large fraud and money laundering case

Operation Tabernula (Ongoing) (2013)
FCA's largest insider dealings case

R v Gul (appellant) (2013)
Supreme Court

R v Ajaib (2013)
Multi-million pound fraud

R v Aydogdu (2012)
Successful defence of a man accused of manslaughter

R v Tony Morris (2012)
Former CEO of The Money Portal has been cleared of defrauding £52m pension funds

GDC v Valilas (2012)
Dentist facing charges relating to poor performance.  


Sentencing for offences of cheating the revenue (R v Michael Richards and others)
PCorporate Crime analysis: Sean Larkin QC points out that, following the financial crisis, there has been a greater appetite to prosecute financial crimes, and R v Richards is an example of the range of sentences in cases of cheat in the current sentencing climate. 22.12.2017
Download (PDF) >

Sean Larkin QC pens Practice Note for Practical Law on Collective investment schemes
Practical Law has published a Practice Note by Sean Larkin QC on Collective investment schemes (CIS) dealing with reference i 29.9.2015

FGM, The Law the Lessons and the Unintended Consequences
In this article Sean Larkin QC and Zoe Johnson QC explore the issues surrounding the criminal prosecution, the ramifications 29.5.2015
Download (PDF) >

The Times - Lawyer Of The Week
Sean Larkin QC is The Times Lawyer Of The Week. 3.12.2013
Download (PDF) >

LIBOR fixing
Sean Larkin QC considers the forthcoming prosecutions following the action by regulators worldwide and commencement of civil 24.10.2013
Download (PDF) >

Bribery Act Update June 2013
Recent media reports suggest that the Government is set to reconsider and review the provisions of the Bribery Act 2010, to r 3.6.2013

The Bribery Act 2010 - A Short Guide
Sean Larkin QC provides a new short guide to the Bribery Act 2010 8.11.2011
Download (PDF) >

Adequate Procedures Handout - Bribery Act 2010
Sean Larkin QC and Rachna Gokani provide further guidance in relation to the Bribery Act 29.9.2010
Download (PDF) >

Fighting Bribery; New UK Legislation Explained - Sean Larkin QC
Fighting Bribery; New UK Legislation Explained - Sean Larkin QC in conjunction with Commercial Crime International. 1.4.2010
Download (PDF) >

The Bribery Bill 2010 - An Overview
This article provides an overview of the Government’s recent strategy to fight bribery and corruption, particularly ove 28.1.2010
Download (PDF) >

Regulation of Healthcare Professionals
Whistle-blowing, disclosure and patient confidentiality - the conflict between confidentiality and a duty to disclose. 29.9.2009
Download (PDF) >