Zoe Johnson QC



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Zoe Johnson QC

Call 1990 Silk 2012
BA (Oxon) Dip Law (City University)

Practice: Fraud, Regulatory and Crime

'She is praised by market commentators for her advocacy and strong work ethic, "She is just awesome. She's so bright, so hard-working and she's got such good judgement."'Chambers UK - Crime (2017)

'She is an effective communicator and an accomplished practitioner who leads by example and not just direction. She is one of the finest jury advocates out there.' Chambers UK - Professional Discipline (2017)

'She has impeccable judgement when it comes to tactics.'The Legal 500 - Business and Regulatory Crime (2016)

'She presents her arguments in a deeply compelling fashion.' The Legal 500 - Professional Discipline and Regulatory Law (2016)

"She is a first-class advocate and tactician." "She controlled the proceedings and the tempo, and got the panel focused on the medical issues." Chambers UK (2015) Professional Discipline

"Zoe Johnson QC 'deals with the unexpected with calmness and competence'." Legal 500 (2013) Professional discipline and regulatory law.

"Zoe Johnson QC is 'absolutely brilliant. She's level-headed, and tough but fair'." Chambers UK (2014) Professional Discipline

"The 'fantastic' Zoe Johnson QC is another new silk at the set of whom peers spoke very highly.  'She is a very good lawyer and a very hard prosecutor, and she can command a court,' say observers.  She was the second woman to be appointed to the post of senior Treasury counsel, and since 2004 her practice has focussed on homicides, particularly sudden infant deaths and baby shaking cases.  She was recently involved in R v Raymond Andes, an Operation Trident case regarding a man who shot dead a burglar."  Chambers UK (2103) Crime

"The 'just fabulous' Zoe Johnson QC is 'phenomenally bright, very personable and very to the point'.  Recently appointed senior treasury counsel, she brings significant criminal experience to bear on her professional discipline work, which includes acting before the GMC, GDC and General Social Care Council (GSCC).  Chambers UK (2013) Professional Discipline

“New silk Zoe Johnson QC has a ‘first-class brain.’”  Legal 500 (2012) (Professional discipline and regulatory law)


Crime - Zoe Johnson has immense experience in all aspects of the most serious and demanding crime.  She prosecutes complex homicide and terrorist cases including the "Real IRA" and Islamic fundamentalists.  After appearing in the Court of Appeal in R v Harris and Others she has a particular expertise in criminal matters with a medical element to them.  She has acted in a large number of "shaken baby syndrome" and sudden infant death cases.  She advises in a significant number of cases pre charge and is highly experienced in managing strategy and leading teams in large cases.  She regularly advises the Attorney General and appears for him in the Court of Appeal.  Much of her work has an international dimension to it. 

Financial crime - Zoe defends and prosecutes in all types of fraud and financial crime brought by the SFO, CPS and HMRC.  Before her appointment as Treasury Counsel she was instructed in corporate crime and a number of large scale drug importations and various other cases with inter-jurisdictional features. 

Disciplinary and regulatory - In addition to her criminal practice Zoe has a special interest in regulatory work.  She appears in almost all the medical regulatory councils in particular the General Medical Council.  She has also advised the Accountancy and Actuarial Discipline Board on their procedures.


Recommended in Crime - Chambers UK (2012)

Described as "a wonderful Barrister, with great style and poise" where "in court she attracts attention and makes people listen." Chambers UK (2011)



Queen’s Counsel


Senior Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court




Junior Treasury Counsel at the Central Criminal Court


Presentations & Papers

"Jury tampering" - a paper given to a delegation of Japanese prosecutors and judges.

"Prosecuting "baby shaking" cases - a new approach".

Regulatory Law:
"Cleaning up cosmetic surgery - what are the regulatory implications".

The Society of Ethics and Law
Study day on assisted dying - "UK law - a lawyer's prospective"

Additional Information

Member of the Criminal Bar Association
Founder member of The Bar Disability Panel
Member of Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers

Notable cases:

Zoe Johnson QC and Paul Raudnitz instructed in landmark Deferred Prosecution Agreement case - "SFO v XYZ Ltd"

R v Rudling (2016)
Acting on behalf of GP charged with gross negligence manslaughter of a child. The Dr was acquitted on the defence's application at the close of the prosecution case, the prosecution appealed and the acquittal was upheld.

GMC v Mohan (2016)
Allegations of misconduct relating to the delivery of twins

R -v- France (2015)
Zoe Johnson QC led the prosecution of the case against Sun journalist Anthony France, for aiding and abetting a police offic

R v Fiennes (2015)
Killer of James Fiennes admits manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility

Doctor Dharmasena (2015)
Zoe Johnson QC successfully defended Doctor Dharmasena in the first ever prosecution brought under the Female Genital Mutila

R v Clarence (Tania) (2015)
Prosecution of a mother for killing her three children

R -v- Harris (2014)
Zoe Johnson secures conviction of Dean Harris for murder of Amina Agboola.

Successfully defended a doctor accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour and dishonesty. (2014)
Zoe Johnson QC successfully defended a doctor accused by the GMC of sexually inappropriate behaviour and dishonesty.

R v Evans - Zoe Johnson acts in 'mercy killing' case (2013)
R v Evans [2013] - Zoe Johnson acts in 'mercy killing' case

R v McInerney and others (2013)
R v McInerney and others - Zoe Johnson prosecutes in North London Gang murder

R v Zolotovsky (2012)
Trial of the man accused of murder from his hospital bed at the Old Bailey

GMC v Lawrence (2010)
An eminent psychiatrist accused of abusing his position with a female patient.