Edward Henry has had a busy July and August with 8 cases in a selection of courts and tribunals successfully defended - which included the prosecution offering no evidence in a conspiracy to murder following service of abuse argument; a PC cleared of assa

August 2015:

R v Mohammed Miah: Conspiracy to murder (instructed by Sternberg Reed). Edward argued abuse of process;  the prosecution offered no evidence.

Kings Lynn Magistrates Court: Edward acted for a police constable cleared of assault (instructed by Slater Gordon).

MPTS: Edward represented a psychiatrist, of impeccable reputation, who faced a litany of accusations, including bullying, neglect of his patients and dishonesty. After the hearing, the MPTS Panel declined to interfere with the Doctor’s  unrestricted registration (instructed by the MDU).

July 2015:


R v Shaun Nunes: Edward acted for a DJ charged with joint enterprise robbery (instructed by Stokoe Partnership).  His client was acquitted. The two co-defendants, separately represented, were convicted.


R -v- Nicholas Philp:  High value art fraud (instructed by Shaw Graham Kersh). Following disclosure the prosecution offered no evidence against Edward’s client.

R v David Brudenell-Bruce: Lord Cardigan acquitted in three separate trials on allegations of harassment, two of which did not proceed beyond the close of the prosecution case.

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