Inquest into the death of Katrina O'Hara (2020)

Edward Henry QC (instructed by Nick Terry of Burton Copeland LLP) represented the interests of four serving or retired officers during this 12 day inquest. Miss O’Hara had been unlawfully killed by her former partner and the Inquest explored potential missed opportunities by law enforcement to prevent her death.

Edward’s conduct of the case, via questioning and submissions secured the objective of absolving his clients from any causal role. The jury’s verdict amounted to a complete exoneration of each officer. Edward also successfully applied for reporting restrictions in respect of one of his clients, who was put in jeopardy of misleading and prejudicial reporting as a result of unfortunate submissions by another party, which taken out of context would have caused grave reputational damage to the officer concerned. 

The case has been reported by the BBC and can be accessed here

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