GMC v Dr X (2021) - Successful application for cancellation of a GMC inquiry into allegations relating to a doctor's private life.

Selva Ramasamy QC succeeds in application for cancellation of a GMC/MPTS inquiry into allegations relating to a doctor’s private life.

The doctor faced allegations of violent behaviour in the home. In written submissions, Selva argued that it was inappropriate and disproportionate for the GMC to pursue this case as a regulatory matter, particularly because the issues arose in the context of the doctor's private life, and because they had already been considered by the police (who took no action) and in the course of divorce proceedings. In short Selva submitted that the case involved an over-reach into the doctor’s private life.

Selva relied on the recent case of Beckwith v SRA  and on recently updated GMC guidance for cases of "low level violence".

The case examiners agreed with Selva’s submissions and directed that the inquiry should be cancelled.

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