Gambling Commission Seminar


On the 2nd May 2018 QEB Hollis Whiteman will be hosting a breakfast seminar on the current regulatory climate in the gambling industry. Having recently been appointed as the new Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission, Neil McArthur will open a discussion focused on the Commission’s forthcoming regulatory enforcement review, a brand new publication that will summarise the Commission’s enforcement work over the past 18 months. QEB Hollis Whiteman member Tom Orpin-Massey, assisting the Commission with the drafting of the forthcoming document, will offer those in attendance a first preview of the key themes that will emerge, and reflect on recent landmark regulatory cases. Philip Evans QC, a vastly experienced regulatory silk, will chair the seminar, and invite questions at the end.

Attendees will be compliance and legal representatives from a range of operators across the gambling industry. Our aim is to increase understanding of the regulatory landscape and raise awareness of issues that may see operators coming under the scrutiny of the Commission.

If you are interesting in attending then please contact the events organiser.