Life as a pupil


John Morrison

“I could not recommend QEB Hollis Whiteman enough. During the first six my supervisor prosecuted two murders and defended in a large scale fraud; I was in court every day and constantly learning. Away from my supervisors practice the weekly advocacy training culminating in a mock trial at the Old Bailey sets us apart from other chambers in preparing pupils for being on their feet in the second six and beyond.

For those looking to develop a broader practice QEB Hollis Whiteman also has great opportunities to supplement traditional criminal trial with regulatory and public law work. There really is no better place to apply for pupillage.”


Brad Lewis 

“Pupillage at QEB gave me an unparalleled experience insofar as, from a very early stage of my career, I have been able to build a practice in a broad range of work for a 'crime pupil’. This has included FCA investigations, disciplinary hearings, regulatory work, advisory work, and the more ‘traditional’ complex, serious and general crime. Taking this all on is made easy by the level of support and training chambers provide from day one of pupillage.”


Oliver Mosley

“I converted to law and joined chambers straight from bar school. It can be a tough adjustment, but I was mentored all the way through to tenancy and beyond. Chambers has a genuine open-door policy: everyone here wants the best for you and is always ready to help if you need them. We also have a fantastic team of clerks who will guide and grow your practice in whichever direction you choose.”


Charlotte Godber

"I started pupillage at QEB as a slightly more mature candidate having changed career from media & communications to law. QEB has high expectations of their pupils and pupillage was hard work but I was supported throughout by excellent supervisors and a friendly and welcoming junior end. I now have a busy practice in criminal and public law."


Tom Phillips

“As a pupil at QEB you will be exposed to some of the highest profile and most exciting cases at the criminal bar. The experience provided me with the opportunity to learn from a fantastic set of barristers who were supportive and encouraging throughout pupillage and I continue to benefit from the experience and generosity of the barristers in chambers as a tenant.

From my perspective, one of the best features of pupillage at QEB is the non-competitive nature of the tenancy process (pupils are not pitted against one another). This creates a collaborative and collegiate atmosphere amongst pupils which made the pupillage experience much more enjoyable.”