Business & Human Rights

Advising both individuals and corporates on all issues pertaining to corporate conduct and human rights, QEB Hollis Whiteman has developed an expertise in this niche and developing area as it goes under increased levels of national and international scrutiny.


There has been a sea change in recent years in what businesses are expected to do to identify and address human rights abuses. From significant international provisions such as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to recent domestic legislation such as the Modern Slavery Act 2015, there is a growing requirement and expectation that businesses will take appropriate action. QEB Hollis Whiteman’s experts can help.

Our Experience

As governments introduce human rights procurement conditions, governance codes, reporting duties and national action plans, businesses are under increasing pressure to certify their human rights standards and disclose how they are addressing human rights risks. 

Our Business and Human Rights Group are well placed to advise both individuals and corporates on all issues relating to this growing area of national and international scrutiny. Our recognised expertise in criminal and regulatory law enables us to provide a team of experts for each case to meet the needs of all clients, either a private individual or a business. 

We advise on risk assessment and due diligence to identify potential criminal and regulatory liability and recommend remedial action where necessary.


Recent Cases

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The Privy Council today handed down judgement in the two cases of Hernandez and of Pitman v State of Trinidad and Tobago which were heard together. The appeals against conviction were unsuccessful and the Board commented that as the Court of Appeal had...


Abolitionists at the Inn

Nicholas Griffin QC and Celia Pilkington consider the history of the anti-slavery movement in the Inner Temple Yearbook 2015-2016 on the topic of slavery.

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