Recruitment of Members

New Tenants

We welcome applications for tenancy at all levels of call. External recruits make up about a quarter of the current membership of chambers and they have quickly and easily integrated. Our aim is to have a happy, collegiate set of chambers, where barristers can flourish professionally and extend the scope of their current practice. We are proud of our reputation for providing excellent advice and advocacy services and wish to maintain that reputation, both by the training we provide within Chambers and through external recruitment. We believe that we can combine the best of the traditional elements of the Bar with a forward-thinking vision for the future. We are supported by a first-rate clerking team led by Chris Emmings and Faye Stimpson.

We know that it is never an easy step to leave a set of chambers, but we are confident that new members do not regret their decision to join. Below, three current members of Chambers, who joined us from elsewhere, detail their experiences. All are happy to be contacted informally by any barrister who is considering applying to QEB Hollis Whiteman.

Anne Whyte QC

“From the moment of my arrival in chambers in 2019 I was made to feel welcomed and valued. The work opportunities and the level of service from the clerks are excellent. It is a friendly and caring set and one which takes the future of the profession incredibly seriously. Chambers succeeds in blending exceptionally high standards with a collegiate environment where junior barristers are encouraged and respected.”


Ali Naseem Bajwa QC

“I joined chambers after 11 very busy years in silk at a large ‘civil liberties’ set in the hope that I could achieve a better work-life balance, partly by moving my practice more towards corporate crime and private instructions. I had an initial discussion with Chris Emmings, who sensitively guided me through the whole process.

In the eight months since I joined, the set has far exceeded my hopes. Most people know how impressive the set is but not everyone is aware of how warm and progressive it is too. I could not have been made to feel more at home. I am spoilt for choice for brilliant juniors and colleagues to recommend. The clerks’ room manages and anticipates my diary in an exemplary fashion. The blend and tone of work and social events is just right. Finally, the profile of my practice, and with it, my work-life balance, is being skilfully managed and steered in the right direction. QEB Hollis Whiteman is a genuinely dynamic and exciting place to be and I am very pleased that I took the plunge and applied.”


Probationary Tenants 

Our commitment to our full pupillage programme means we do not ordinarily entertain applications for further placements (often referred to as ‘third six pupillage’ or ‘probationary tenancy’).

Recognising that candidates may sometimes wish to undergo further pre-tenancy experience we will, unusually, consider applications from truly talented candidates.

Such candidates would need to be able to demonstrate:

  • Exceptional intellectual ability.
  • Commitment to the Bar.
  • An obvious fit with QEB Hollis Whiteman’s practice areas and high standards.

The application process would be rigorous, and the structure, duration and funding of any resulting placement would be modified to reflect our assessment of the skills and experience of the particular candidate.

At the end of such a placement, the applicant would be required to make a formal application for tenancy. Please note that no probationary tenant will be considered for tenancy at the same time as our existing pupils.

If you are interested in discussing new tenancy or probationary opportunities, please feel free to contact either Heads of Chambers, Adrian Darbishire QC or Selva Ramasamy QC, or Senior Clerk, Chris Emmings, on 020 7933 8870, for an initial discussion.