A leading set committed to the future of the Independent Bar and the art of advocacy, QEB Hollis Whiteman provides an excellent pupillage programme designed to recognise talent and encourage it to grow.

QEB Hollis Whiteman is a leading barristers’ chambers situated within ‘the square mile’ in the City of London. With 70 barristers, including 21 Queen's Counsel and three Treasury Counsel, our specialist areas include: Corporate and Financial Crime, General Crime, Professional Regulation & Discipline, Private Prosecutions, Public Law. These areas include intellectual property, consumer law, health & safety, inquests and inquiries and media & sports law. Across all areas we appear at various stages and for various parties, providing first-class advocacy and advisory services in all of our specialisms. Because of the diversity of our tenants’ practices, pupils are involved in a wide range of work which at various times is likely to cover any and possibly all of these specialities and the various components of them.

Across all practice areas, our barristers have appeared for the prosecution, defence, core participants, interested parties in many of the leading cases over the last 40 years. This work has involved not only the senior members of Chambers, but the active participation of our pupils, assisting at all levels in important cases.

As a pupil at QEB Hollis Whiteman you will receive continual support and commitment from our dedicated pupil supervisors. Those who join us will find that no two days are the same, working in the company of professionals who enjoy training their successors and passing on the expertise that a tenancy at QEB Hollis Whiteman has given them. 

QEB Hollis Whiteman has a unique programme dedicated to the advancement of advocacy. We conduct weekly training with course materials and regular assessment. We have an annual competition between our pupils and those of our competitors which is hosted at the Central Criminal Court before Old Bailey Judges the week a pupil takes to his or her feet.

Pupils in Chambers have played a role in a whole host of high profile and heavyweight cases across our fields of expertise. We guarantee close-up experience of a busy and varied practice with opportunities to work with the highest regarded solicitors, healthcare regulators, financial institutions and government bodies.

For further information about pupillage at QEB Hollis Whiteman please contact us.