A team that brings a vast and varied skillset as recognised experts in numerous and related fields; their advisory and advocacy skills are highly regarded in this area.


QEB Hollis Whiteman brings huge experience from working in cases involving the police, the military and in medical regulation and other relevant areas, to ensure a sensitive and skilled handling of all aspects of the inquest process.  We offer advice and first class advocacy at every stage, representing bereaved families and other interested parties such as corporations and authorities, employees and professional individuals.  The experienced team offers representation at all levels of seniority.

Our Experience

Interested parties and core participants frequently find themselves vulnerable to criminal or regulatory investigation, as well as civil proceedings, as a consequence of the findings of an inquest or an inquiry. Our expertise in the overlapping areas of crime, police and professional discipline, health and safety and the military enables us to protect and promote the interests of parties and participants as well as provide continuity of representation in any subsequent criminal or regulatory proceedings, should the need arise. Where appropriate we work closely with solicitors and experts acting in civil claims to ensure that the evidence adduced through an inquest is of substantial value.

QEB Hollis Whiteman have appeared in many recent and significant inquest hearings including those arising from: unlawful killings; work-place deaths; military deaths and incidents of “friendly-fire”; arson; police pursuits; and deaths in police custody.

Members of Chambers have frequently been instrumental in persuading Coroners to widen the scope of an inquest to address Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Chambers have experience representing many different organisations including The Royal British Legion, various Police Authorities and medical organisations as well as individuals, families and dependants of the deceased.

The strong medical regulatory background of the regulatory team in Chambers puts them in a particularly advantageous position to assist in inquests where there are issues involving the quality of medical care.

Members of Chambers are regularly instructed at the earliest stages of the inquest process with great effect; early and skilled involvement ensures that legal issues such as disclosure, representation, scope of the inquest, contact with the Coroner, expert evidence and legal arguments are all dealt with in a timely fashion, all of which often have significant impact on the course and outcome of proceedings.

Recent Cases

Inquest into the death of Pauline Ryan (2018)

Philip Stott represented two GPs at the inquest into the death of Pauline...

Inquest into the death of Abigail Hall (2018)

Philip Stott represented a GP who was interested party at inquest into death of Abigail Hall,...

Inquest into the Death of NM (2018)

Selva Ramasamy QC represented a consultant in this inquiry into the death of a mother and baby...

Inquest into the death of Mr Campbell (2018)

Mark Aldred represents an officer at the inquest into the death of a man who was killed during a...

The Anthony Grainger Inquiry (Ongoing)

Julian Evans is instructed to represent Greater Manchester Police in the Inquest proceedings...

Inquest into the death of JC (2017)

Selva Ramasamy represented a leading orthopaedic surgeon in this inquiry into a death following...