DPAs: are there lessons to be learnt from Tesco?

The recent acquittal of senior executives from Tesco brought to a conclusion the first criminal case in which individuals have been prosecuted by the SFO after a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) has been reached.

The case raised some novel issues, highlighting in particular risks and pitfalls for corporates and individuals when a trial follows a DPA. 

We are hosting a breakfast seminar on Tuesday 12th February to explore these issues. On the panel will be Ross Dixon, Hickman & Rose; Richard Sallybanks, BCL Solicitors; Adrian Darbishire QC, Jocelyn Ledward and Tom Doble, all of QEB Hollis Whiteman.

Ross, Adrian and Tom represented Christopher Bush in the trial and Richard and Jocelyn represented John Scouler. Both defendants were cleared of the £250m fraud and false accounting.