The Whyte Review

In July 2020 a significant number of gymnasts, and parents of gymnasts, made allegations about mistreatment within the sport of gymnastics.  A number of the concerns alleged that British Gymnastics had failed to deal appropriately with complaints it had received. In response to these issues being raised, UK Sport and Sport England ('the Commissioning Organisations') appointed Anne Whyte KC ('the Reviewer') to undertake an independent review ('The Whyte Review') into the issues that have been raised.

Anne Whyte KC, along with the panel will cover the following topics:

  • The work of the Whyte Review, the process of obtaining human narratives about sports experience and how the findings of the review might impact sports beyond gymnastics.
  • The role of culture in sport – how to measure and improve and govern it.

Anne will be joined by Joanna Warwick, who was Anne's junior on The Whyte Review, and Dr Catherine Bishop, an Olympian, former diplomat, now a leadership and culture coach.