10th Mar 2021

A Podcast: The Mechanics, Advantages and Potential Pitfalls of Private Prosecutions

Nick Corsellis QC and Ari Alibhai, senior members of QEB’s private prosecution practice group, discuss the mechanics, advantages and potential pitfalls of private prosecutions.

This podcast is designed to give you an introduction into how private prosecutions work, their origin, who brings them and importantly why they choose to do so. Nick and Ari explore the basic principles, look at areas of criminal law particularly suited to the bringing of private prosecutions, and suggest some practical first steps for those weighing up whether to engage in this form of litigation.

More and more individuals and companies are undertaking private prosecutions, and Nick and Ari, with around 20 years’ specialist experience in this field, are well placed to guide you through this topic.

You can access their podcast, here.

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