Operation Boromo: P Raudnitz, K Broome and C Daly conclude largest joint DWP/ Home Office fraud prosecution yet brought

QEB Hollis Whiteman members Paul Raudnitz, Kerry Broome and Caoimhe Daly have concluded the largest ever joint DWP/ Home Office fraud prosecution yet brought.

Operation Boromo was an investigation into the systematic misuse of identities to commit benefits and immigration fraud over a period of seven years by six members of an organised criminal gang. Over £2.8m worth of benefits was obtained. 225 sham marriages were also arranged. A related fraud on Eurostar was also uncovered which was valued at over £1m. A four-year investigation into the fraud involved the close partnership of the Department for Work and Pensions, the Home Office, Revenue and Customs and Eurostar. The QEB HW members led the multi-agency prosecution team in the court proceedings.

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