Philip McGhee to be appointed Treasury Counsel

We are delighted to announce that as of the 1st April 2024 Philip McGhee will be Junior Treasury Counsel.

After over 2 years being monitored, the Solicitor General made his announcement on behalf of the Attorney General’s Office, yesterday.

Treasury Counsel are a team of specialist advocates who prosecute many of the most serious and complex cases in the country, and advise and appear on behalf of the Law Officers – the Attorney General and Solicitor General - and other government departments. 

Treasury Counsel are appointed by the Attorney General through fair and open competition, in consultation with the Treasury Counsel Committee and the Director of Public Prosecutions. Recruitment campaigns are run by the CPS.  The CPS stipulate that “Given the nature of their work, it is vitally important that the brightest and best applicants are attracted to this role, regardless of background or where they may be based”.

QEB Hollis Whiteman are proud to have a long history with the role of Treasury Counsel and currently have four members in ‘The Room’, two senior and two junior.  We hope to continue with this tradition across future generations.

Philip will continue to defend as well as prosecute, specialising in serious, sensitive and high-profile crime, corporate and financial crime and professional regulation. 

Congratulations to Philip and all of his peers who were successful in this round.

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