Former police sergeant convicted of taking bribes. Philip Evans KC and Arabella MacDonald instructed for the prosecution.


Verdict. Frank Partridge, a former police sergeant in the Westminster Licensing Unit, has been convicted of taking bribes between 2013 and 2015, from individuals who owned or were involved in running night clubs and security. The jury found that Frank Partridge performed his duties improperly as a result.

The bribes included a holiday to Morocco (costing c.£7,000), a bespoke suit and shirts, home renovations, tickets to a Metallica concert in Milan, hospitality at a variety of venues, the services of a professional escort (which Mr Partridge denies having received), and other advantages.   

Frank Partridge stood trial alongside those who were accused of bribing him, including Terry Neil, (the owner of security company TSS) and Ryan Bishti (owner of the nightclub Cirque le Soir), both of whom were convicted. 

Eamon Mulholland (a nightclub shareholder) was represented by Fraser Coxhill and was acquitted on all counts. 

Philip Evans KC, Kelly Brocklehurst, and Arabella MacDonald prosecuted.  

Media coverage can be found HERE.

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