Nicholas Griffin QC speaks at the Covert Policing RIPA 2000 conference

QEB Hollis Whiteman member Nicholas Griffin QC appeared at the Covert Policing RIPA 2000 conference and addressed current powers to spy on/access communications between lawyers and their clients, journalists and their sources and MPs and their constituents. He also looked ahead - to new powers under the Investigatory Powers Bill currently before Parliament.

Nicholas has experience of dealing with surveillance and related powers in a number of different scenarios - in criminal cases, in civil litigation and in public inquiries.

He represented a defendant in the phone hacking trial at the Old Bailey, a case that revolved around an alleged conspiracy to hack the phones of celebrities and others in breach of RIPA, and is currently involved in the Undercover Policing Inquiry where he is representing a government department.

Last year, he was Chair of the Bar Council’s Surveillance and Privacy Working Group.

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