R v Quesada & Brigitte

Roger Smart led Paul Wakerley in the prosecution of Matthew Quesada (25) who was convicted of the brutal murder of Alan Smith (62) following on from the victim having enquired as to the welfare of the defendant's young daughter whom he had seen crying. Matthew Quesada enraged and humiliated at a perceived critisism of his parenting abilities, then took his daughter home where he collected a hunting knife before tracking down the victim and stabbing him to death in a frenzied attack before his own family.

Matthew Quesada with the assistance of his partner Maria Brigitte made extensive effort to evade the police. At trial Matthew Quesada relied upon two eminent psychiatrists in order to support his 'defence' of diminished responsibility the report of one of whom was only served on the eve of the trial.

During the 4 week trial the jury heard over the course of 5 days highly complex psychiatric evidence from 4 different psychiatrists. The psychiatrists called on behalf of the defence were extensively cross-examined before the Jury rejected Matthew Quesada's defence and unanimously convicting him of murder. The jury also convicted his partner of assisting an offender. They now await sentencing on the 13th July.

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