Patient evidence concludes in the Muckamore Inquiry. The next phase relating to staff members to follow in November. Tom Kark KC is the Chair.

Thursday 12th October 2023 marked the end of the inquiry hearing from patients about their experiences of Muckamore.

Since the hearings began in June 2022, the panel has heard evidence from more than 90 witnesses.

Chair to the Inquiry, Tom Kark KC of QEB Hollis Whiteman said "the journey of many of the witnesses to this inquiry has I know been difficult for them, I hope that many if not all were able to get a degree of satisfaction and comfort knowing their account has been heard and listened to.  Everyone in the room must have been touched emotionally by some of the accounts heard here."

The inquiry will move on to the next phase of evidence, from Muckamore staff members, in November.

Mr Kark said many had been identified and written to, stressing the importance of them giving their accounts to contribute to a complete picture of experiences at Muckamore. 

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