When is the right time to be 'called to the Bar'? Fallon Alexis joins the debate in this article, co-authored with the Chair of the Bar 2023.

Fallon Alexis and Nick Vineall KC co-author the article ‘The Timing of Call’

Fallon Alexis and Nick Vineall KC, Chair of the Bar 2023, have written an article published in the December 2023 issue of Counsel Magazine, wherein they express their views on the long-standing debate as to when someone should receive the title ‘barrister’.

They argue that the bar ought to be aligned with the solicitor’s profession in this regard, where individuals are only given the title solicitor once they have completed their training contract (or equivalent). They suggest call to the bar, (and thus the title ‘barrister’) ought to be deferred until after pupillage has been obtained and an individual is able to practise as a barrister. They set out relevant statistics and explain why it is somewhat a myth that deferring call with impact social mobility and suggest in fact that the profession could do more to promote social mobility if call is deferred.

You can read the article in full here, on pages 29-31.