Independent Inquiry relating to Afghanistan continues with Kerry Broome calling evidence from key witnesses for the Ministry of Defence.

The Inquiry continued with evidence from Brigadier Keith Eble and Gareth Martin, both Corporate Witnesses for the Ministry of Defence. 

Kerry Broome called Gareth Martin, Ministry of Defence Director National Security, as part of the proceedings investigating matters arising from the deployment of British armed forces to Afghanistan from mid-2010 to mid-2013.

The full Terms of Reference, which were updated in September 2023 can be found here: Terms of Reference for the Independent Inquiry relating to Afghanistan.

Lord Justice Sir Charles Haddon-Cave is  Chair to the Inquiry. Oliver Glasgow KC of 2 Hare Court is Lead Counsel to the Inquiry, supported by Jonathan Polnay from 5KBW and Kerry Broome from QEB

YouTube footage of Day 6:

YouTube Live: Channel for the Statutory Inquiry Relating to Afghanistan

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