Operation Elveden Seminar

AFTER ELVEDEN: The Future of the Public Interest Defence Seminar.

Following the conclusion of Operation Elveden and its substantial failure to secure convictions of journalists charged with paying public officials for stories, this seminar will explore the changing legal landscape brought about by the coming into force of both the Bribery Act 2010 and the new police corruption offence introduced by section 26 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015. These have lowered the bar for the prosecution of journalists accused of paying public officials by limiting, and arguably removing the public interest defence previously relied on.

A number of QEB members have been involved in investigations and trials connected with Operation Elveden. David Spens QC and Tom Coke-Smythe represented News of the World royal editor Clive Goodman in the News International phone hacking case and host this seminar with a panel of expert speakers:

David Ormerod QC (Law Commissioner and Professor of Criminal Justice at Queen Mary, University of London)
Gill Philips (Director of editorial legal services for the Guardian News and Media)
Roy Greenslade (Professor of Journalism at City University)

For further information or for access to the seminar's power point please contact the event organiser.

David Spens QC Tom Coke-Smyth