Offshore Tax Evasion - civil and criminal sanctions (Lexis (R) PSL Practice Note)

QEBHW's Nicholas Griffin QC and Tom Broomfield have been working with Lexis®PSL, LexisNexis' practical guidance offering, to provide two Practice Notes on tax evasion - the scope of the content is summarized below. To view the full documents, sign-in or register for a free trial of Lexis®PSL email customer service via their online form

Offshore Tax Evaders - criminal offences 

Lexis®PSL Practice Note explains the criminal offences contained in the Taxes Management Act 1970, created by the Finance Act 2016, which relate to offshore tax evasion. It covers the offences of failing to give notice of being chargeable to tax; failing to deliver a return and making an inaccurate return. This Practice Note explains the elements of each of the offences, the key definitions, exclusions, statutory defences and penalties on conviction. 

Enablers of offshore tax evasion - civil sanctions 

Lexis®PSL Practice Note explains the civil sanctions created by the Finance Act 2016 which can be imposed on enablers of offshore tax evasion for non-compliance. It considers when a penalty is payable, the elements of the events triggering the penalty, the key definitions, details of the level of financial penalty and the power to publish information about the enabler.

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