Nicholas Griffin QC part of working group producing JUSTICE's 'When things go wrong' report on inquests and inquiries, published today

JUSTICE's major report 'When things go wrong: the response of the justice system' is published today, 24 August.

It is an interesting read: looking at the response to major disasters and systemic failings - particularly with an eye to public inquiries and inquests - and how the response could be made fairer and more efficient. It makes a number of recommendations.

Nicholas Griffin QC was a member of the working group producing the report and it included many experts in this area, including its chair, Sir Robert Owen, who headed the Litvinenko Inquiry.  Sir Robert said:

‘A system cannot provide justice if its processes exacerbate the grief and trauma of its participants. Our recommendations seek to ensure that inquests and inquiries are responsive to the needs of bereaved people and survivors, while minimising the delay and duplication that impede effectiveness and erode public confidence. We think that this set of proposals, if implemented, will provide a cohesive and cost-effective system, with the prospect of a reduction in duplication and delay, and which in turn should serve to increase public trust.’

The report can be read here

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