Alexandra Felix acts for music producer Jonathan King

Surrey Police have apologised to music producer Jonathan King for “serious organisational failings” in its investigation into historic sexual abuse charges against Mr King.

The case against Mr King collapsed in June, with HHJ Deborah Taylor’s ruling highlighting “numerous, repeated and compounded failings” in the investigation.

Alexandra Felix was instructed to act on behalf of Mr King by Steven Bird, of Birds solicitors. She was led by Henry Blaxland QC of Garden Court Chambers. 

In a statement, Birds solicitors said: “It should be of great public concern that the numerous shortcomings in the disclosure process would not have been discovered but for the determination of the defence team. We have long expressed concerns about this investigation which we consider lacked sufficient objectivity and was run entirely contrary to the recommendations of the Henriques Report. Those concerns are vindicated by this judgment.”

This case has been extensively covered in the press, including the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian.

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