Film Director Settles High Court Case

Jim Sheridan High Court action reaches confidential settlement.


Jim Sheridan, Film Director, and his wife Fran settled their High Court action over alleged defective works at "Martha's Vineyard" 29 Coliemore Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin.  The house was meant to be a state of the art build the likes of which had never be seen in Ireland before.  Following the build defects began to emerge throughout the property making it inhabitable through water ingress.  As a result of the defective build the Sheridans were unable to sell the property.


The defendants included Quantity Surveyors & Project Managers Simon Hollingsworth & Associates Ltd, Amsterdam Road, London, architects De Blacam & Meagher of St Catherine's Lane west, Dublin and consulting engineers Walsh Goodfellow, Adelaide Chambers, Peter Street, Dublin.


Caoimhe Daly was instructed by Matheson Ormsby Prentice to act for Jim and Fran Sheridan.


Further details can be found are available via the Irish Times and RTE News

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