JUSTICE Working Party - Complex Lengthy Trials, by David Calvert-Smith

In late 2014 the Lord Chief Justice asked the all-party law reform and human rights organisation JUSTICE to investigate and report on ways in which the length and complexity of trials could be reduced.

JUSTICE responded by setting up a working party chaired by Sir David Calvert-Smith to lead the investigation. Whilst they have been discussing the problem a great deal has been going on with reports by Sir Brian Leveson, Gross LJ, Better Case Management, the Common Platform, and digital courts.

Members of QEB Hollis Whiteman have helped the team with their views.

Discussing the report at its launch last night Sir David said "Many of the messages will be familiar: better and more focused investigation; better disclosure to suspects at the interview stage; competent interviewers; early instruction of lawyers and experts; stronger judicial management; full use of the Common Platform; better judicial training etc. The report advocates the retention of jury trial."

Further details of the working party and report can be found on the JUSTICE website

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