Tom Kark QC and Alexandra Felix represent GMC in Dr Waney Squier's appeal

QEB Hollis Whiteman members Tom Kark QC and Alexandra Felix represented the General Medical Council at the appeal to the High Court by Dr Squier against the decision of a medical practitioner's tribunal service hearing in March when she was barred from practising.

The High Court quashed a number of factual allegations but found that some of Dr Squier's evidence had been misleading and irresponsible and in relation to her use of research in two Family cases she had been deliberately misleading.

The Court found that in a number of cases she had failed to work 'within the limits of her competence, to be objective and unbiased and pay due regard to the views of other experts.'

Dr Squier was readmitted to the Register with a number of conditions which will prevent her from giving expert evidence in civil, family and criminal courts in the UK for a period of three years although she may give evidence in the Coroner's Court.

Read the Judgement here.

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