Philip Evans QC and Philip Stott prosecute Mayfair jewellery burglary featuring Hatton Garden offenders

Philip Evans QC and Philip Stott acted for the prosecution in the trial of Terence Perkins, accused of the burglary of a Bond Street jewellers called Chatila in 2010.

Co-accused Daniel Jones pleaded guilty to the same offence. Both men were convicted in 2016 their roles in the multi-million pound burglary of Hatton Garden Safe Deposit over Easter Weekend 2015, also prosecuted by Philip Evans QC and Philip Stott.

A third man, not connected with Hatton Garden, called Charles Matthews, is also accused of handling some of the stolen goods from the Chatila burglary. Both Mr Perkins and Mr Matthews deny the offence.

The trial was aborted and a re-trial is due for retrial in December 2017.

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