Nadesh Karu secures acquittal at half time on behalf of the first defendant in multi-handed money laundering case

Nadesh represented the first defendant of four (previously five) at trial at Isleworth Crown Court. The Defendants were charged with acquiring criminal property, having been found with approximately £30,000 in cash between them. The prosecution case was that the defendants were involved in managing/controlling prostitutes and that was the source of the money.

Nadesh led the half time submissions, arguing that the Crown could not prove that it was an irresistible inference that the money could have only derived from crime and that the evidence relied upon by the Crown was open to other interpretations. Legal submissions took more than half a day and the Judge considered her ruling overnight. The following morning the Judge delivered a full written judgment acceding to Nadesh’s submission and ruling that as a result there was no case to answer in respect of all four defendants.