R v Youssef Wahid

In 1999, the body of 28 year old Fatima Kama was found in a suitcase at Heathrow Airport.  She had been repeatedly stabbed.  By the time the defendant was identified as a suspect he had fled to the Levant.  He subsequently changed his name and began a new life in the Middle East.  In August 2010, following a request from the UK authorities, he was arrested in Bahrain and his extradition to the UK ordered.  He was the first person ever to be extradited from Bahrain to this country.  His trial at the Old Bailey began with an application to stay the proceedings, based upon the fact that the defendant had been convicted of the murder in his absence in Lebanon in 2001 (and sentenced to death), and that his extradition from Bahrain had been unlawful.  The application was refused.   Mr Wahid denied that he was responsible for Ms Kama's death.  The trial concluded on 22 August when he was convicted of the murder.  He is to be sentenced on 3 October.


Adrian Darbishire led Karen Robinson for the prosecution, and led Rosie Davidson (of 6 KBW) in the extradition arguments.



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