David Spens QC representd Darren Burke for spiking his pregnant mistress' drink in order to procure a miscarriage

David Spens QC represented Darren Burke, 43, a former a senior Home Office official, for spiking his pregnant mistress’ drink in order to procure a miscarriage.

Father-of-one Darren Burke, 43, was found guilty by a jury in May of attempting to administer the drug to procure a miscarriage. Burke, had a five-year affair with Ms Slade and she became pregnant at the end of 2020, jurors heard during the trial. He wanted to prevent his wife and child from finding out about the relationship, the court heard.

She refused to drink the glass of orange juice, which was laced with mifepristone, a medication used to induce an abortion, on 4 December 2020, but suffered an unconnected miscarriage weeks later.

Burke claimed he had flushed the crushed-up tablets down the sink when it became clear Ms Slade was determined to keep the baby.

David Spens QC was instructed by Moanoj Rupasinghe at Lloyds PR.

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