Ari Alibhai privately prosecutes man for selling illegal firesticks showing Premier League matches

Steven Mills who ran the organisation which sold so-called 'Firesticks' via a closed Facebook group and claimed to have more than 30,000 subscribers, pleaded guilty in June earlier this year to multiple fraud offences at Shrewsbury Crown Court. Yesterday he was sentenced to two and half years in prison. 

The conviction and sentencing of Steven Mills  follows a joint investigation by the Premier League, West Mercia Police, and anti-piracy organisation FACT. Trading under the names Pikabox and Eyepeeteevee, the organisation received more than £1 million in five years. The service was primarily provided to UK-based customers and was also sold to a network of resellers, who are currently under investigation. The enquiry and subsequent raids by police provided intelligence which identified more than 1,000 of his customers. In January this year police and FACT officials visited a number of those individuals, serving notices to cease illegal streaming activities with immediate effect.

The Premier Leagues press release can be accessed here.

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