Fishermen's Friends Manslaughter Trial

On 8 February 2013, a large folding door collapsed at the GLive concert venue in Guildford. Two men were killed in the accident, Trevor Grills, a singer in the shanty group, Fishermen’s Friends, which was due to perform that evening and Paul McMullen, the group’s promoter.

The Director of the company which manufactured the door, David Naylor, was subsequently charged with two counts of manslaughter, while the Company was charged with breaching section 6, HSWA. After a trial lasting five weeks, Mr Naylor was acquitted, while the Company was convicted and fined £30,000.

Zoe Johnson QC and Karen Robinson prosecuted, Adrian Darbishire QC and Simon Antrobus (of Crown Office Chambers) defended Mr Naylor and the Company.

Read BBC news report here.

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