Convictions upheld by Court of Appeal in legal first. Kerry Broome instucted for the prosecution in Seed, Yussuf and Mensah.

In 2022 three gang members were found guilty of murder after one of their own gang was shot dead by rivals.  In a legal first, friends of Billy McCullagh (27) were convicted after he was killed in a shoot-out with a rival gang, even though the person who pulled the trigger was never caught. 

Issa Seed (25), Adel Yussuf (also 25), and Daniel Mensah (30), were found guilty after prosecutors argued the gang went on a ride-out armed with firearms, intent on using them and knowing the other side would respond with deadly force. 

Earlier this year, the defendants appealed their convictions and the Court of Appeal reserved judgment.  On Thursday 13th June the Court of Appeal handed down judgment, all appeals were rejected and all convictions were considered to be safe.

Kerry Broome of QEB Hollis Whiteman was prosecution counsel, led by Oliver Glasgow KC.  She was instructed by Kristen Katsouris and the CPS Homicide Unit.

This case was widely reported in the press:



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