R v Davies (Operation Pallial) (2018)

Davis Spens QC and Caoimhe Daly prosecuted former care home headmaster, 71, found guilty of a number of sex offences against boys in his care in North Wales.

Bryan Davies, 71, was convicted by a jury last month for a string of sexual offences - despite being on the run at the time.

The crimes dated back to when Davies was deputy principal of the care home in North Wales between 1976 and 1978.

Davies was convicted of 24 charges last month, the charges consisted of 15 counts of indecent assault and 5 counts of buggery between 1970 - 1980 abusing eight men, now in their 50s, six charges of making indecent images of children in 2007 - 2013 and three charges of inciting young boys to indulge in sexual acts over the internet in 2011 and 2012.

Davies was found guilty and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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