R v Nabuguzi & others (Operation Spenser) (2012 - 2017)

Paul Raudnitz and Kerry Broome led a series of prosecutions as part of Operation Spenser, an investigation uniting the UKBA, DWP and HMRC which targeted a multi-million pound immigration and benefit fraud stretching back over 20 years. 

In May 2012 the main perpetrator, Ruth Nabuguzi, pleaded guilty to 26 offences including the global conspiracy to defraud government departments and agencies. 

In 2014, a confiscation order in excess of £1.5m was made against her following a finding that she had hidden assets in Uganda. 

In October 2012, Dennis Kyeyune, Jordan Sebutemba, Lamulah Sekiziyuvu and Albert Kaidi were convicted in relation to their involvement. Five other defendants had pleaded guilty to related offences.  

In 2013, Azu Akpom was convicted of misconduct in a public office and five counts of fraud in connection with his work as a registrar for the London Borough of Newham.  In2014 Martial Tyson Nsoa was convicted of conspiracy to defraud and other associated offences. 

In 2017 the final Operation Spenser prosecution concluded with the conviction and sentence of Godfrey Mukasa Semuju for conspiracy to commit immigration and fraud offences.
Sixteen defendants were prosecuted, of whom 15 either pleaded guilty or were convicted. 

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